OCI Exacote is a unique combination of nitrogen and sulphur with Nutramon CAN, Granular 3 AS (Ammonium Sulphate) and high efficient coated urea. The coating ensures the controlled release of nutrients, synchronized precisely to crop requirements. OCI Exacote offers a reliable, sustainable, environmentally friendly solution for agriculture today and in the future!

Four combinations

Four different combinations are available in the OCI Exacote range, all formulated especially for different crops and their nutrient requirements. The nutrients in Nutramon CAN and Granular 3 AS are available immediately for absorption by crops. The nitrogen in the coated urea is released in two to three months, depending on the soil temperature. It therefore meets crop nutrient requirements perfectly when needed.


OCI Exacote is suitable for conventional fertilizer application methods as well as row application. Spread widths of up to 36 meters are advised (depending on the variety).