Nutramon - CANProduct specifications

27N ( + 4MgO )

Nutramon is Calcium Ammonium Nitrate manufactured by OCI Agro. It is easily identified by the orange indicator added during the production process. As fertilizer, Nutramon stands out for its homogeneous particle size and it’s hard, compact, round and smooth grains; allowing to cover wide areas during its application. As the same time, it minimizes the problems arising from the use of inferior products. Nutramon is also one of the nitrogen fertilizers with lower CO2 footprint in Europe.

The use of Nutramon is suitable for any crop. The magnesium provided covers the basic needs of the plant while the added calcium offsets the acidifying effect of nitrogen, fact that helps to reduce the overall costs of fertilization. As plants absorb nitric nitrogen directly, ammonia loss is minimal. Altogether Nutramon provides the highest efficiency of nitrogen in comparison to other types of nitrogenous fertilizers.

  • Balanced formula of ammonia nitrogen

    Nitric nitrogen (50/50) which ensures high efficiency and durability of the results of the application

  • Fast absorption

    Fast absorption of the nitric component by the plant

  • Minimal loss

    Minimal loss of ammonia

  • Hardness, roundness and uniformity

    Hardness, roundness and uniformity of granules

  • Ease of product identification

    Ease of product identification through the orange indicators.

  • Greater coverage during application.

    It could exceed 50 meters

  • Proven Formula

    Proven Formula to ensure great results

  • NAC / CAN

    NAC / CAN with the lowest CO2 footprint in Europe