Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

To canalize the distribution of OCI Nitrogen fertilizers in the Iberian Peninsula, mainly Urea 46% Ammonium Sulphate 21%, CAN 27% and UAN 32% in order to distribute them in the market, preferably through DFGRUPO companies and to provide our customers with the highest quality products, contributing to increase farm productivity. NICagro is a company 50% OCI Nitrogen and 50% DFGRUPO

Our Vision

To be recognized in the market as one of the leading market players in Ammonium Sulphate 21%, CAN 27% and UAN 32% and also to be the benchmark company and leading supplier of granular UREA 46% in product positioning, on a regular and continuing basis in the main areas of consumption:-Central Mediterranean Area from Sagunto and Tarragona. North Zone, from Passages. South Zone, from Seville.

Our Values

Permanency and profitability: Long-term development of our business getting consistent and fair results. Leadership: To guarantee the supply with the best market conditions. Professionalism: Personal attention to each client with a specialized technician who will provide, with transparency, the maximum amount of information available in both, the international and local markets. Excellence: Continuous improvement in the way we work. Responsibility: To bring to the market, in a rigorous way, all the available information and to distribute the highest quality products.