UAN - Nitrogen SolutionProduct specifications

uan_lower_left_picture_nicagroThe UAN (Urea and ammonium nitrate), also known as Nitrogen Solution, N32 or N30; is a liquid fertilizer resulting from the combination of ammonium nitrate and Urea. The UAN manufactured by OCI Nitrogen contains three different forms of nitrogen:

  • Urea Nitrogen
  • Nitric Nitrogen
  • Ammonia Nitrogen

Plants can absorb the nitric form directly, whereas the Urea form and much of the ammonium form of nitrogen must first become nitric because of the interaction of the soil. The rate of this conversion depends on both temperature and soil moisture available. In order to optimize and achieve maximum efficiency in the use of the nitrogen solution, it is of great importance to control the volatilization of ammonia by selecting, inter alia, appropriate external weather conditions. The UAN can be applied using agricultural spraying systems (pivots) and, in fertigation, through a pin-wheeled injector for crops like corn or potatoes.