OCI Agro Urea is a highly concentrated granular fertilizer with a nitrogenous base. The uniformity and large granules helps its field application in diameters about 30 meters. At first instance, Urea nitrogen passes to ammonia and then, after the action of soil bacteria, it transforms into nitric, which is easily absorbed by plants. The speed of this conversion depends on factors such as soil temperature and moisture availability. It is recommended to apply the Urea in the optimal humidity and temperature moment, in order to minimize the ammonia loss inherent to the conversion process.

Urea is a commonly used fertilizer in the regions of Southern Europe, France and a large part of Germany, applied on the most common agricultural crops.

  • High nitrogen content

    High nitrogen content (46%)

  • Granulometric uniformity

  • Extensive coverage in the application

    It can reach 30 meters of diameter.